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     Providing Advanced Massage Treatments, Fitness Training and Nutrition!

Advanced Bodyworks specializes in:

-Relaxation and
Medical Massage

-Wellness/Nutrition Supplements

Massage Therapy is used to reverse the negative effects of both physical and mental stress giving you a relaxing experience and a sense of well-being. Advanced Bodyworks also offers Medical Massage, which promotes: reduction of cellular toxins, faster recovery of damaged muscle tissue,  pain relief, increased range of motion of joints and release of adhered tissue fibers/knots.

Advanced Bodyworks also believes that to maintain optimal performance, prevent muscular imbalance, and to lessen the chance of injury; one should incorporate fitness training and proper nutrition supplementation in thier daily schedule. Whatever fitness level you may be at, we can assist you to reach your goals through a comprehensive personal fitness training and nutrition program. 

                              Advanced Bodyworks offers quaility service and the best rates in the capital region!


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Providing advanced services for advanced results!

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